Mannimarco’s FOR THE HORDE! 1-6 Lyrics (+Download links)

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My name’s Mannimarco and I fight for the horde
I farm MC whenever I’m bored.
Horde’s on top, Alliance is under
I reduce haters armor like I’m using a sunder
Live in my parent’s home
I never roll a gnome
Warlock for life, y’all can suck my cock
mages run away when they cast frostshock
my DoTs are set to destroy,
Times up lets do this, like my name’s leeeeeroy
I’m the king of rock, there is none higher
Take out your whole guild with a rain of fire.
Alliance bitches, you can’t escape
just quit now - go back to Runescape
The gear I rock gives you an erection.
Got my soulstone up for wipe protection.
Everyone knows i’m a straight up killa
My shit’s all purple like Magilla Gorilla
every single day I get phat lewt
And I’m the guy who made Thrall say “Wewt!”
Your Momma’s a Night Elf I paid a gold for a dance
You better shift your style to defensive stance.
Fuck all you pallys, I’ll turn you to rubble.
G T F O just hearth and bubble.
Just sit back and be an observer
While your Girlfriend’s talking dirty on my ventrillo server.
hack into your account - take your epics and your mount
Vendor that shit and send myself the gold.
Get on eBay and you’ll see it bein’ sold
Horde for the win - alliance for the loss
They try to form a raid, ‘cuz the know I’m da boss
Warriors try to tank me - rogues they try to flank me
But I can’t be stopped - and my skills they can’t be topped
Still they all come and go in for the kill
The only thing they get is a repair bill
know my rhymes are like a fear bomb
I’m so good it’s sick like

FOR THE HORDE 2 free downloadI WoW all day not just sometimes
Who’s this lv. 30 punk tryin’ to throw down rhymes?
You ain’t 1337 your best item is green
I’ve disenchanted more epics then you’ve even seen
You can call me a loser, you can call me a geek
my repair bill costs more then you make in a week
The Auction house; it’s where I get paid
too busy pwnin’ newbs for me get laid
My rhymes are the fire, created from sparks
When you look at my level you see question marks
You thought I was done but it ain’t the finale
Bubble and Hearth? I say “fuck that pally!”
Mages make sheep, they make a whole flock
But I guess they’re not the ones who use frost shock
That’s a mistake that I had to fix
(Shit I only played a mage up to level 6)
I’m Undead - say your goodbyes
One-shot mother fucker then cannibalize
I got a hamster - I named my hamster Thrall
My hampster’s like an Orc who’s furry and small

My Name’s Mannimarco and I fight for the Horde
If you try to sell me gold then you’ll get ignored
Alliance bitches get on your knees
that lock pwned me, nerf please
Cry more newb your tears restore my mana.
I smoke the alliance like marijuana
Mannimarco there is none other
My rank is exalted, with you mother
I got a Felguard who kills at a glance
so you better shift your style to defense stance
Fuck all you pallies, though your armor may gleam
I’ll drop your health so fast it’ll make you scream.
In my left hand, I carry I tome
I will never roll a gnome
Reroll Horde - you can get phat lewt
Cuz the power of the horde is absolute

FOR THE HORDE 3 (ft. Dimholt) free downloadEverytime I log in deys like manni you da shit, they tell me keep on rockin’ an don’t ever quit
My shit’s so purple you can call me Barney, bout to take you on a ride like I was a Carney
My items got sockets an my jewel craftin’s reckless feels like a gnome is hangin’ from my necklace
The raid leader’s pissed cuz we sorta late, but our helmets and our robes gotta coordinate

The road is shut and Dimholt keeps it rocking Won’t let you in, even if we hear you knocking
We’ll leave you speechless like Stephen Hawking Steal your Night Elf bitch and then leave you gawking
Roll up on you in BGs and then I’ll gank you, You tryin’ to farm some newbies and I’ll shank you
And for the honor points I really must thank you, We ain’t even online and we still outrank you

Alliance talkin shit tryin to call me a clown, bitch I coulda been yo daddy by my hearth was on cool down
stone-cold pimp wit my tailorin’ at max. make you say no way, shit that dude’s got hax
Bitches say that I’m thick like molasses, better gtfo and go back to darnassus
S W C is Mannimarco’s domain. fuckin’ shit up like an arcane John Mclain

Roll on into Stormwind backstab you at the vendor, won’t see me comin’ so you chance’s kinda slender
Even if you saw me the next second you would not, I’ll just drop a Vanish and come back when it’s not hot
Get you from behind with an Ambush out of Stealth, Drop you in just one shot and I’ll eat ya to gain health

Alliance can’t win no matter how hard dey grind We’re like captain planet with our powers combined.

Your shit’s old school man I’m the successor your Han Solo I’m the trash compressor
I ain’t no Queen but yer still under pressure got you on defense cuz I’m the aggressor

Steamwheedle Cartel is the only realm to play, Ordo Draconis is forever and a day
Cut you up so pretty it’s like classical ballet, man you’re Steve Irwin and I’m a devil ray

FOR THE HORDE 4 free downloadThey wanna know where I been, I been leveling’ my alt
Like Jesus Christ, I was the leader of a cult
Peoplez actin’ familiar and tryin to say they’re my homie
If your main’s lv 30 then you don’t know me
Sendin’ me whispers - I’m on “do not disturb”
better recognize or bite the curb.

I’m the illist muthafucka on a rp server
Steamwheedle for life, bitch I never trans-fer

Warlock, my weapon is fear
Got more shards then a broken mirror
Soulstoned! Soul-linked with my demon
Covered yo mamma’s face wit my seamen
Last Night! Didn’t put a fight
Cuz she knows that Mannimarco always does it right
doubletime Shadowbolt metagem proc focus
Wrath of God, plague of locust
Merciless Gladiator, My shit’s hot, like I’m at the equator.
WoWcraftin’. I’m the CEO,
If you ain’t level 70 your shit’s too low

Exalted! My mount’s 5k
I’m cruising’ outland on my nether ray
I’m a hardcore player who never rests
Go to Ogri’la for my daily quests

I’m the illist muthafucka on a RP server
Steamwheedle for life, bitch I never trans-fer

Internets! Through an ethernet cable
at Gruul’s lair when my flask’s unstable
I Always click YES on the ready check
After I beat you I’m gonna say KEK
Primitive! You newbs are paleozoic
While your leveling’ up - I’m runnin’ heroic

If you want the most elite then your wish is granted
If that shit ain’t purple then it’s disenchanted
WoWcraftin’ That’s my addiction
42 Demonology and 18 Affliction
In an instance wit my boys Rollin’s dice
newbs always whipserin’, needin’ advice
Nerdcore! I’m like MC Chris
If WoW was a lady then I’d give er a kiss
Press A! this ain’t no cutscene
Always up all night so I need caffine
bringin’ the noise in a delivery truck
I’m a hardcore playa who ain’t afraid to say (fuck)
In Stormwind, runnin’ amuck
I got mad skillz I ain’t relyin on luck

For The Horde! That’s my battlecry
I got alliance linin’ up just waitin to die
I’m an internet service provider
Who’s got more mods then a lowrider
I’m a stone cold pimp at absolute zero
Reroll horde or became an hero

I’m the illist muthafucka on a RP server
Steamwheedle for life, bitch I never transfer

Step off hater
Or I’ll put you in a crater
Original Gangster! I’m a straight up G
I ain’t comin to your server cuz it’s PVP

FOR THE HORDE 6 free downloadMy style is technical like C + +
P V P - Light you up like cannabis
My rhymes so tight that this shits insane
Gotcha comin back for more like I was cocaine
Serious business - I dont play fo fun
You can call me Mannimarco of the shattered sun
Im Ash Ketchem - when it comes to rep
take your bitch from behind like I had shadow step
Fuck with me you dont stay alive
Rollin muthafuckas like For The Horde 5
All I wanna do is - pwn noobs
I live my life through a series of tubes
Mannimarco - he aint FOR THE ALLIANCE
hes got killin muthafuckers -down to a science
high warlord - of laying down tracks
myfans are so crazy theyre (Manniacs)
Other in the game but they - never scored
Manni still on top with FOR THE HORDE
Always start it up like a power cord
Dropping rhymes for free I aint gotta CD
But Im the dopest MC I dont need a reward
Just ta hear ya yelling FOR THE HORDE
I keep it comin, again and again
kids in alliance are all - fuckin ten
swingin them fucks by umbilical cord
got em on dey knees and givin em the sword
shit - I got more tricks then David Blaine
Health stone - Death coil - life drain

Im all queued up and ready to fuck
The Alliance up when they press their luck
I only wear cloth never leather
I am two ninjas who are ducttaped together

If you ain’t horde you ain’t nuthin but a bitch

When I fuck gnomes i split em in heeeyaf
cuz Bitch i’m hung like a giraffe
if you ain’t horde you ain’t nothin but a bitch
If I ever die then it gotta be a glitch

so you bring the blood and i bring the thunder

When I started out i never knew
That i’d be bringin this shit to you
i was born to game - destined for fame
Mannimarco is my name

Yeah Boy Mannimarco
He sleeps all day and fucks all night
then he gets queued up and ready to fight
He never met a gnome that he didn’t hate
Never met a verb he couldn’t conjugate

(If you ain’t horde you ain’t nuthin but a bitch)


You better back off for goodness sake
When you see him rollin up on his netherdrake
My shit’s all real, i’m never fake
When it comes to pwnin noobs i take the cake

(if you ain’t horde you aint nothin but a bitch)

(I take the cake)


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Mannimarco’s FOR THE HORDE! fan rap

Keep it Horde yo, No Re-rolls, i’ll see you guys in Cataclysm!

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Download Adam Zivojnovich / Mannimarco’s FOR THE HORDE! The Epic nerdcore tales of Mannimarco the Undead Warlock!

Download the 2010 Special Edition with 22 World of Warcraft inspired tracks!

Includes Live Versions from 9/11/2010, The “FOR THE MANNIACS” Fan rap, and more!